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    Working with a radiactive material

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    The half life of Cl is 9.5 x 10(exponent 12)s. How many atoms of Cl are present in a sample with an activity of 1.5 x 10(exponent 9) atoms/s

    a. 2.1 x 10(exponent 22) atoms
    b. 6.3 x 10(exponent 3) atoms
    c. 4.9 x 10(exponent negative 23) atoms
    d. 1.4 x 10(exponent 22) atoms
    e. 7.0 x 10(exponent 23) atoms

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    Half life t_1/2 = 9.5 x 10^12 s

    means, in this time, the radioactive material will have reduced to half its original ...

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