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Solubility Rules to write net ionic equations

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Use the Solubility Rules to write net ionic equations for the reactions that occur when solutions of the following are mixed.

1. Write reactants and products in the following order:
Cation + Anion = Precipitate
2. Use "->" (hyphen + greater than) to indicate 'yields'
3. Write subscripts as numbers with no special character, but use a "^" before each superscript. Always write the number before the sign and always include '1'. Thus, HCO31- would be HCO3^1-.
4. Answers are case sensitive. Spaces are ignored, so insert them as you wish for readability.
5. Click on the "eye" symbol to see your formatted response.
a) K2S + ZnSO4
b) K2CrO4 + NiCl2
c) CsOH + FeCl3 [2]
d) CuSO4 + Pb(ClO4)2
e) FeSO4 + K3PO4
f) FeCl2 + TlNO3
g) (NH4)2CO3 + Ni(ClO4)2

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The expert examines the solubility rules to write net ionic equations.

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Write all soluble, strong electrolytes as separate ions: M n+(aq), X q- (aq).
Ions in solution must always be written with the proper charge superscript.
2. Write all gases, insoluble solids, nonelectrolytes, and weak electrolytes in molecular form.
For example, CO2 (g); Fe (OH) 3(s); CH3OH (aq); CH3COOH (aq).
Do not write charges with any solids or with molecules in solution.
3. In the final net reaction equation, do not include any substance or ion that is present but that does not take part in the reaction.
4. While not strictly ...

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