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    Solving 7 Chemical Equations

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    I desprately need help solving these chemical equations to help me to study for an exam.

    Rules for Solving Chemical Equations:
    1. Write the chemical reaction in word form
    2. Post your symbols
    3. Post diatomics (for single units only)
    4. Post oxidation numbers for compounds
    5. Post subscription (for compounds only)
    6. Balance the chemical reactions using coeficients
    7. Name the type of chemical reaction

    Chemical Equations Problems:
    1) Al+02---->Al2 O3
    2) Hg O----> Hg+O2
    3) NaOH+H2SO4---->Na2SO4+H2O
    4) Fe+O2--->Fe2 O3
    5) Pb (NO3)2+K2CrO4--->PbCrO4+KNO3
    6) H2+N2--->NH3
    7) C5 H5(NO3)3--->CO2+N2+H2O+O2
    8) Fe+CuCl2--->Fe Cl2+Cu
    9) KClO3--->KCl+O2
    10) Mg+HCl--->H2+MgCl2

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    We'll do these step by step. Follow the steps. They should be perfectly explanatory.

    1) Al+O2---->Al2O3
    2 Al+O2---->Al2O3
    2 Al + 3/2 O2---->Al2O3
    4 Al + 3 O2---->2 Al2O3
    This is a synthesis reaction.

    2) Hg O----> Hg+O2
    2 HgO----> 2 Hg+O2
    This is a decomposition reaction.

    3) NaOH+H2SO4---->Na2SO4+H2O
    2 ...

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    7 chemical equations are solved, including word form, symbols, diatomics, oxidation, numbers, reaction type naming and balancing.