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    Significant figures

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    I understand the rules for significant figures with multiplication/division, and adding/subtracting. But I am unsure of what to do when there is both multiplication and/or division, and adding and/or subtracting in the same question?


    (0.0045 x 20 000.0) + (2813 x 12)
    90.0 + 33756
    = 33846
    (following BEDMAS I end up using addition last, therefore using the addition SIG FIG rule?)

    Would I follow the multiplication division rules, and only put 2 significant figures, making it 3.4 x 10^4?
    Or, would I follow the addition/subtraction rule of the least amount of decimals (and if so would I put .0? 33.846.0.

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    In following the significant rules, each rule should be followed for every operation. The order of rules to be followed must follow the order of arithmetic operation. So in this case, we'll follow first the rule for multiplication/division ...

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