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    General Chemistry - Orbitals and Configuration

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    Which one of the following configurations depicts an excited oxygen atom?

    a. 1s22s22p2
    b. 1s22s22p23s2
    c. 1s22s22p4
    d. [He]2s22p4
    e. 1s22s22p1

    In a ground-state manganese atoms, the _____ subshell is partially filled.

    a. 4s
    b. 4d
    c. 4p
    d. 3s
    e. 3d

    The valence shell of the element X contains 2 electrons in a 5s subshell. Below that shell, element X has a partially filled 4d subshell. What type of element is X?

    a. Chalcogen
    b. Main group element
    c. Halogen
    d. Alkali metal
    e. Transition metal

    In which group of elements would all members be expected to have very similar chemical properties?

    a. O, S, Se
    b. Na, Mg, K
    c. N, O, F
    d. S, Se, Si
    e. Ne, Na, Mg

    The 1s orbital is the smallest in _____ atoms.

    a. F
    b. Cl
    c. Br
    d. I
    e. the 1s orbitals in all of these atoms are the same size

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    1. Ground state oxygen is 1s22s22p4. c and d are the ground state, a is the ground state of carbon,
    e is the ground state of Boron, leaving ...

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