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    Solvent-Solvent Extraction

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    Green Slime, an uncharged organic dye, is present in 600.0mL of water at an unknown concentration. The sample is extracted with 75.00mL of cyclohexane. After the extraction, the absorbance of the cyclohexane phase, measured at 635nm in a 1.00cm cell, is 0.870. The absorbance of a blank (pure cyclohexane) is 0.007. Using Beer's Law (A=ebC) you determined that the concentration of Green Slime in the cyclohexane after the extraction step is 1.26 x 10E-5 M. Calculate the concentration of Green Slime in the water PRIOR to the extraction step.
    Molar absorptivitty (e635) of Green Slime in cyclohexane=68500 M-1 cm-1
    Partition coefficient(K) of green slime between cyclohexane and water=32.

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