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Preparation of solutions

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Hi-1st of all, would you please send back an email address so I may contact someone on the 3rd shift about something that was done on 3rd? Secondly, is there a way to request work to be done by a certain person if they are available? A couple of you last night were just wonderful!!!Olivia
Describe how you would prepare 6L of a 0.020 M solution of the following:
a) H2SO4 from 1.8 M H2SO4
b) MgBr2 from solid MgBr2

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The preparation of solution are described. The required solutions are given.

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(a)Moles of H2SO4 in 6L of 0.020M solution = 0.02*6 = 0.12
These moles are obtained when x litres of water is added to (6-x)litres of 1.8M H2SO4 solution.
Moles of H2SO4 in ...

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