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NMR: Resonance Frequencies

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1. a) Calculate the resonance frequencies of the following nuclei, given the values for the nuclear magnetic moment and spin, at a field strength of 10 kG. B_N = 5.05 * 10^-24 ergG^-1.

nucleus I u (in multiples of B_N)
11B 3/2 2.688
17O 5/2 1.893
50V 6 3.3413
1H 1/2 2.7928

b) Calculate the relative populations derivative N / N for the proton fields of 30kG, 150kG and 100kG at T = 25 degrees C.

c) If J(14N-H) for NH3 is 40 Hz, what is the size of J(15N-H) in 15NH3? J(15N-D) in 15ND3?

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