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Gas Chromatogram

Please refer to the attachments provided.
When I did the gas chromatogram, I made a careless mistake, by not labeling the printout(A-D); A-C the 3 distillation fractions and D the undistilled residue.
On the 1st printout w/ 4 peaks, I know that the highest peak is A and on the printout w/ two peaks I think the peak on the rt is B.
I am asking for help in deciphering C & D.
It's also possible that one of the peaks is a repeat.
Regardless, I would like to understand what each of the peaks should like.

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To answer your question, you have to know a little about the processes involved in your experiment. From your procedure page, I can see that you did a fractional distillation of a four component mixture, A, B, C, D where A, B, C are all dissolved in D. This fractional distillation should separate the 3 components out from your mixture, but it will not work out to 100% separation. Your chromatograms from A-C should have one high peak out ...

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The solution provides a detailed explanation for separation of a mixture through distillation.