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Calculating Time of a Cyclotron's Activity Production

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Calculate how long will it take to run the cyclotron to produce an activity of 18^F at 75% of its saturation value. If it takes 30 minutes to filter and conjugate deoxyglucose to produce 18^FDG, what is its activity at the time of PET imaging? The proton beam current is 40 μA. The proton beam impinging onto the H2^18 target (100% pure; p ~ 1.0 g/cm^3; thickness of 1mm) has a kinetic energy (Tp) of 10 MeV. The cross-sectional area of the target and the proton beam is the same, the diameter of 1cm. The cross-section for the reaction 18^O(p, n)^18F is 55mb.

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The time it takes for a cyclotron to produce a certain level of activity is calculated.