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Benedict's Test.

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The Managing Director of a well-known company on Wall Street thrives on a diet of fruit jam, bread, pasta, and coffee. She exercises intermittently. One day she decides to go to her primary healthcare provider for a routine checkup. The healthcare provider recommends that she take the Benedict's test. Assume that the glucose levels of the patient are high.

- State the results that the test would indicate (specify the color of the solution).
- State the composition and the properties of the ketohexose derived from fruit jam.
- Describe the manner in which ketohexose acts as a reducing sugar in the test.

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In this solution we consider how to calculate glucose levels and what the different types of data present mean.

2 references are given for your added benefit

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If the blood glucose of the patient is high, the reagent will be reduced and produce a brick-red colored precipitate. The greater the intensity of the red ...

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