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Carbon Dating and Isotopic Fractionation

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I was given lab data on a sample of organic chemistry, and I need help dating it.

The data is as follows:

1. the delta value for the 13-C (carbon 13) = -7.2

2. 14-C (carbon 14) activity = 8.16 dpm/g

I need help calculating the age of this carbon, and if possible, corrected for isotopic fractionation.

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This solution is provided in 262 words. It calculates the fractionation, as well as uses this information and half-life calculation to carbon date the sample.

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So, first we need to calculate the fraction of 13-C in the sample. Since 13-C is stable, this will give us an indication of how much fractionation happens in this particular sample we are dealing with.

Using the percentages: 12-C (98.89%) and 13-C (1.11%)

We have the ratio (R_std) = 1.11/98.89 = 0.01122

Now the ...

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