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    Calculating Fractions of Atoms

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    The lowest electronic states of Na(g) are tabulated below. At a temperature of 1640K A) What is the value of the electronic partition function? B) Calculate the fraction of atoms in the state i=3. Include degeneracy.

    Na(g) Electronic States
    Term symbol Energy/cm^-1 Degeneracy
    2S1/2 0 2
    2P1/2 16956.183 2
    2P3/2 16973.379 4
    2S1/2 25739.86 2.

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    The partition function is defined as Q = SUMi gi exp(-ei / kT)

    Where gi is the degeneracy factor, which describes how often the i-th energy level ei occurs, k is the Boltzmann constant and ...

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