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    World Trade Organization

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    I need to come up with a paper that is around 1200-1500 words on the following topic. Can you help get me going?

    The World Trade Organization has decided to intervene in the matter of the company's specialty chemical plant in People's Republic of China and the anticipated output increase that will affect world prices. Despite efforts to bring the parties to a mutual agreement through discussion, it may become necessary to select a panel to hear this matter. The process of selection will begin in 2 weeks. Representatives from several countries where the company is currently doing business are being polled for participation in the panel. Discuss the propriety of the company's meeting with several individuals to discuss this matter before the panel convenes. Is there any prohibition against an individual company doing this? Should there be? What is the problem with companies and nations doing this?

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    //This paper discusses about the intervention of WTO in a Company's internal matter due to its impact on the world prices. As the paper proceeds further, we have given an introduction of the World Trade Organization, how it maintains a free flow of trade between the countries and also the reason for its interference in Company's internal matters//

    In the given case, WTO has sought to step up in the company's internal matter. The company has a specialty chemical plant located in People's Republic of China, whose expected output increase would cast an impact on world prices. This is the reason for World trade Organization's intervention in this matter. The steps undertaken to get the parties to reach a decision through discussion has not yielded any results. Therefore, a panel has to be selected to resolve this matter. The whole process of selection for this panel is due for two weeks of time. The company is conducting polls to select representatives for the participation in the panel from various countries where the company is currently operating.

    The company is meeting with several individuals to discuss this matter before the panel formally meets. The company is justified in this way that the company wants to look for alternate solutions. The company wants to look into the various options to resolve this matter. The company is discussing this matter with several individuals to know what can be the different decisions that can be reached by the panel so that it can make a strategy accordingly. The company can be also looking for various legal and ethical implications of different decisions reached by the panel (Hill, 2000).

    The company is meeting with different experts to know how to represent their side in front of the panel appropriately. The results of the decision of the panel are bound to affect the company. That's why they should represent the best people who would not let the interest of the company go down. They would make sure that the company's interests are not overlooked by the panel. The company might be looking for the various options it can go for, in case the panel's decision comes against company's interest. The company might be looking for various laws regarding this matter.

    //WTO aims at prohibiting the individual companies from putting a major impact on ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1478 words with references.