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US-China trade pattern

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China is yet another potential market for Zowie Productions. China is a major market for technological products including software although there are problems with the Chinese government not protecting intellectual property rights. Prepare a report for Abbie in which you do the following:

Examine U.S.-China trade patterns. What has the U.S. balance of trade looked like for the past 3 years? Is it a deficit or surplus? What are the major products the U.S. imports from China? What are the major products China imports from the U.S. and the rest of the world?

Address how trade has improved (or not improved) life in China. What are income levels like now? Have consumption patterns changed? Have working conditions changed?

Based on your research, what would you suggest are the main obstacles for Zowie Productions in terms of exporting to China?

Use the Internet and Library databases in your research. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style

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//Prior to writing for this query, you are required to understand the trade patterns of US and China. I would like to guide you on this topic which will help you to accomplish your query. See the text below: //

U.S China Trade Patterns
In present scenario, to conduct business with another country is not an easy task. It requires effective strategy and healthy trade relations with the target country. The various trade policies of different nations affects the patterns of trade in a massive way, which further influence the export and import in a significant way. In recent years, the modes of doing business with other countries has also changed, which require an in-depth analysis of key variables that play a major role in the success or failure of any business strategy. This paper gives a detail analysis of U.S-China trade patterns and effects of these trade patterns on the life in China, income level, consumption pattern, working conditions, etc. It also discusses the major obstacles for Zowie production in terms of export to China.
Apart from this, this paper will assist the reader to gain an in-sight about the tools and techniques used to analyze the trade patterns of US and China, and their implications on the trade relationships between these two countries.
US-China trade pattern

The trade pattern between the USA and China are good and based on the firm policies of export and import. Trade patterns are based on two key aspects, out of which one is traditional comparative advantage, according to which one country trades with another in those products which are abundant in resources or in which the country is comparatively more productive. In this case, US import those products from China in which China has comparative advantage over the US. In the same way, China imports those products from US, in which US have comparatively advantage over China. The economy of the US is characterized by high technology and expensive labor; on the other hand, the economy of China is characterized by cheap labor.
//In the following paragraph, we will discuss about the agreements of trade between US and China. In addition to this, we will see the trends of trade history between these two countries. //

US have made some agreement with China in order to develop its economy stronger and powerful. The majority of the sectors in which the US runs the major trade deficits with China are those that depend on frequently low-cost labor and plenty of items, such as furniture & bedding, toys & sport equipment, textiles & apparel, leather goods and footwear. In medical instruments, optical, books and magazines and plastic articles, the US runs a surplus in its balance of trade with the world but a deficit with China. Sectors such as agricultural products, aircraft and cotton fabrics offers surplus to the US trade with China and these also reflect the competitive advantage of the US. In 2005, surplus of the US trade with China in aircraft, iron ores, copper and iron and steel has rose in a significant manner.
Apart from this, the US also export and import those commodities and items which have brand ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1661 words with references.