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international trade aspects of Canada

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- Discuss the type(s) of international trade aspects of Canada.

- Illustrate how open or not Canada is to international trade.

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Discuss the type(s) of international trade aspects of Canada.

Canada has a large trade presence in the world. It imports and exports with all the major countries of the world and is a part of a number of trade organization. The country is known for agriculture and trades live animals and animal products. Vegetable products are also part of their exports. There are industries as wide spread as food and beverages, alcohol and tobacco. The country has large reserves of minerals and oil and exports those. Timber provides for trade of lumber, wood, and things made of wood. By products of wood such as straw, mulch, pulp and cellulosic materials are exported and so is paper and paperboard materials from waste and scrap.

Imports and exports of textiles and chemicals are also part of the Canadian trade. Plastics, rubber and fur are traded. So are hides and skins, good for saddles, harnesses, purses, and other travel items. ...

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The expert discusses the types of international trade aspects of Canada. How open or not open international trade is determined.