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    Global Capital Investment - Less developed Emerging

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    Q1) Major multinational organizations such as Acme (some of which are listed below) attempt to track the relative movements and magnitudes of global capital investment. Using these web pages and others you may find, prepare a 5-6 paragraph executive briefing on the question of whether capital generated in the industrialized countries is finding its way to the less-developed and emerging markets.

    Q2) Is there some critical distinction between "less developed" and "emerging"? (Please provide a definitive response in 1-2 paragraphs.)

    The Old World Bank
    European Bank for Reconstruction

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    It is indeed true that capital generated in the industrialized countries such as US is finding its way to the emerging economies and countries such as China. The primary reason for such a trend is the attractive investment opportunities offered by these countries and weak economic conditions in developed countries like USA. In the last few decades, emerging economies such as China and India have developed substantially and emerged as one of the fastest and largest markets in the world for global corporations.

    Further, the substantial growth in globalization and international trade due to increasing foray by big companies into global markets, both for increasing their sales as well as outsource their manufacturing operations and sourcing of raw materials, has provided substantial comparative advantage to these countries. It is for these reasons only that emerging markets like China and India are now on their course to become global superpowers and increasing amount of capital from developed countries is finding its way into these countries.

    To judge the quantum of investments from global giants in emerging countries like India, please read the following article which describes recent announcements made by these companies with respect to their plans for emerging countries like India.


    Emerging markets seduce the corporate players for many a reason, some of which are as follows:

    Potential for immediate added sales

    Firms that have strong global reputations can sometimes gain new customers relatively quickly in markets they ...