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Solve for Weighted-Average Cost of Capital (WACC)

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Find the WACC

Book value of firms equity $10,000,000
Book value per share $20
Stock Sales Price / per share $30
Cost of Equity 15%
Bonds par value $5,000,000
Sell price % of Par (Bonds) 110%
Yield to Maturity (Bonds) 9%
Firms Tax Rate 40%


Total $0

After Tax Cost
Equity 15%

Debt Formula %
Equity Formula %

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In a very detailed series of calculations, the response provides the answer to the problem.

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The formula for WACC is as follows:

WACC = Rd(1-Tc)D/V + Re E/V


Rd is the cost of debt (i.e. the yield on bonds)
Re is the cost of equity
Tc is the ...

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