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Marginal cost of capital (MCC) above and below break point

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A company has been growing at a constant rate of 8% a year. Its retained earnings for the year are $16 million, common stock is selling for $60, and the current debt to assets ratio is 35%. The company can raise up to $18 million in debt at 8%. A 12% interest will apply if the amount exceeds $18 million. New common stock yields the firm $45. The required rate of return on retained earnings is 12%.The tax rate is 40%. Calculate the marginal cost of capital (WACC) above and below the break points in the MCC schedule.

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Debt to asset ratio=35%
Equity to asset ratio = 1-35%=65%
Debt equity ratio =35%/65%=0.5385
Cost of debt when debt is less than 18 million = Interest rate *(1-Tax Rate)
Cost of debt when debt is more than 18 million = Interest rate *(1-Tax Rate)
Cost of retained earnings (internal equity) = 12%
Retained earnings = 16 million
Floatation cost of new equity =$60-$45=$15
Floatation cost of new equity in % ...

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Illustrates the concept of marginal cost of capital and how the firm's marginal cost of capital changes with changes in its financing requirements.

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What does a company's cost of capital represent and how is it calculated? How do market rates and the company's perceived market risk impact its cost of capital, and how does the company's debt to equity mix impact this cost of capital? Using the information provided, develop a spreadsheet to calculate weighted average cost (WAC) and marginal weighted average cost (MCC) of capital for Strident Marks?

You have developed the following table concerning the cost of capital sources for Strident Marks:

Source of capital
After tax cost

Long term debt

Preferred stock

Common stock equity

Strident Marks capital structure weights used to calculate its WACC are:

Source of Capital After Tax Cost Amount Available After tax cost, After Break Point
Long-term debt 6% 200,000 12%
Preferred stock 18% 100,000 25%
Common stock equity 20% 200,000 40%

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