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    Business Valuation

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    I do need a financial valuation for the Cheesecake Factory. This is a valuation analysis of the Cheesecake Factory.

    I do need the:
    DCF = discount cash flow
    FCF= free cash flow generated from 2010 until 2015
    WACC = weight average cost capital
    TV = Terminal value on year 2015
    The growth rate of Cheesecake factory

    References for the project:

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    I have used CapitalIQ to get all the financial data that I need. I subscribe to that and it gives me all the data that I need ...

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    The solution provides a very detailed explanation and business valuation. The attached excel file not only compares Cheesecake Factory with its peers but also lists out very detailed steps on how to calculate beta, un-lever the beta and re-lever the beta. Detailed cash flows are determined. The attached Excel can be used as a template for future valuation assignments. An excellent response. The OTA has used CapitalIQ to pull all relevant company information for Cheesecake Factory.