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Recommendations for determining the costs of capital

What kind of recommendation would you give for determining the costs of capital?

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A firm's long-term success depends upon the firm's investments earning a sufficient rate of return. This sufficient or minimum rate of return necessary for a firm to succeed is called the cost of capital. The cost of capital can also be viewed as the minimum rate of return required keeping investors satisfied.
Cost of capital (WACC) = (Cost of Equity x Proportion of equity from capital)+ (Cost of debt x Proportion of debt from capital)+ (Cost of Preference share x Proportion of preference share from capital).

The Nature of Agency Cost of Debt

The agency cost of debt is associated with monitoring, enforcing, credibly promising, and constraining decisions, and result from the general situation in which the optimization problem for one constituency ...

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This solution provides a description of the recommendations one would give regarding the costs of capital.