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In a paper, identify several companies that have demonstrated strategic thinking about issues that are similar to those faced by your selected organization. Provide an overview of the issues, identify a total of five different strategies utilized by those companies to address them, and discuss the outcomes. Based on the five strategies, explain how you would adopt them in your selected organization of RadioShack to address the issues you identified.

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//To demonstrate the process of strategic thinking, the organization that is given is RadioShack. For relative study, I have selected other companies as well; namely Best Buy, Circuit City and Fry's Electronics. Before starting with any discussion regarding the strategic thinking and its relevance at RadioShack, I have given a short introduction about the company.//

RadioShack Corporation is one of the growing consumer electronics retail chains and mail order business in the United States. It was established by two brothers Milton and Theodore in 1921. RadioShack provides a broad range of electronic equipments and components to its customers. A variety of products is available in its stores, which includes computers, DVD players, electronic toys, radios, etc. The company is serving best quality products comprising of new and dependable technologies for the fulfillment of the requirements of the customers in an effective manner. It also provides online services to the customers. The company focuses on the principle of innovative technology, which assists it in expanding its business in other nations and adopting the culture of the nations (RadioShack, 2008).

//After giving a brief introduction of the company, I have talked about the issues arising in the company. I have covered most of the issues, however, if you feel you can add some more.//

The effective cost structure assists the organization in increasing its productivity. The issues that are emerging in RadioShack are related to inventory, profitability, size of its stores at some places, poor performance in the wireless equipments sales, its strategy regarding the changes to be made in the packaging and logo of the products, increasing overhead expenses, technological issue, etc. (RadioShack Corporation, 2008).

//After discussing the issues at RadioShack, I have done a comparative analysis of the company with the other companies that are facing similar issues. I have also talked about the use of the strategic thinking and analysis at these organizations in the management of these issues. //

The companies that are considered for studying their critical issues similar to RadioShack are Best Buy, Circuit City and Fry's Electronics. All the above mentioned companies are operating in the field of retail chain stores of electronic gadgets and equipments to the customers. All the companies have their own retail stores for serving the customers. The companies are offering various portable electronic equipments, which permit the customers to receive pleasure from music, ...

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