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Explain how higher quality can lead to lower costs

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Explain how higher quality can lead to lower costs.

Please include references.

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The expert explains how higher quality can lead to lower costs.

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Consider the hiring process for employment. An employer that hires a candidate with less skills and knowledge or may be even falsify his resume will cost the company even more compared to a candidate who has all the required experience and knowledge to execute the job. For example, the inexperienced candidate may make a lot of huge mistakes such as sending letter that contains a customer's social security, birth date, ending balance on their bank statements, etc. to a different customer by mistake. The customer whose identity is on the letter that was sent to the other customer may sue the company and the company will end up paying thousands or even millions for the little human error that the inexperienced candidate made. Thus, hiring higher quality candidates can reduce the costs to the company. Another is working in team work. It is crucial to work ...

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