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    Post-closing trial balance

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    Rebecca Sherrick Management Services Inc. began business on January 1, 2002, with a capital investment of $120,000. The company manages condominiums for owners (Service Revenue) and rents space in its own office building (Rent Revenue). The trial balance and adjusted trial balance columns of the work sheet at the end of the first year are as follows...


    (a) Prepare a complete work sheet.
    (b) Prepare a classified balance sheet. (Note: $10,000 of the mortgage payable is due for payment next year.)
    (c) Journalize the adjusting entries.
    (d) Journalize the closing entries.
    (e) Prepare a post-closing trial balance

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    The solution a) Prepare a complete work sheet, b) Prepares a classified balance sheet c) Journalizes the adjusting entries, d) Journalizes the closing entries and e) Prepares a post-closing trial balance.