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    Month-End Adjusting Entries and Adjusted Trial Balance

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    The trial balance of Padre Paradise at December 31, 2008, and the data needed for the month-end adjustments follow:

    a. Insurance coverage still remaining at December 31, $300
    b. Supplies used during the month, $200
    c. Depreciation for the month, $900
    d. Accrued advertising expense at December, 31, $300 (Use Accounts Payable as the liability account needed)
    e. Accrued salaries at December 31, $100
    f. Service revenue still unearned at December 31, $1000

    ACCOUNT TITLE Debit Credit
    Cash $22,200
    Accounts Receivable $44,100
    Prepaid Insurance $3,100
    Supplies $800
    Building $412,700
    Accumulated depreciation, building $321,600
    Accounts Payable $1900
    Salary Payable
    Unearned Service Revenue $2,300
    Jane Carlsen, capital $155,000
    Jane Carlsen, withdrawals $2,900
    Service Revenue $7,900
    Salary Expense $2,100
    Insurance Expense
    Depreciation expense, building
    Advertising Expense $800
    Supplies Expense
    Total $488,700 $488,700.

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    Adjusting entries at December 31, 2008
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