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Total Overhead Cost - Management Accounting

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The production manager has provided you with the following information for varying levels of production:

Volume level in direct labor hours Total overhead cost
30,000 $340,000
40,000 400,000
50,000 435,000
60,000 477,000
70,000 ?
80,000 587,000
90,000 636,400

What is the total overhead cost at 70,000 direct labor hours?

a. $479,233
b. $522,667
c. $530,133
d. $532,000
e. $537,600

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The answer is 'e'

By using high low method we have,

Variable Cost per ...

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The solution total overhead cost when varying levels of production are given. Management accounting for total overhead costs are provided.

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Managerial Accounting (ABC Company)

ABC Company's total overhead costs at various levels of activity are presented below:

Machine Hours Total Overhead Costs
March 60,000 $216,800
April 50,000 $194,000
May 70,000 $239,600
June 80,000 $262,400

Assume that the overhead costs above consist of utilities, supervisory salaries, and maintenance. At the 50,000 machine-hour level of activity these costs are:

Utilities (V) $ 54,000
Supervisory salaries (F) 62,000
Maintenance (M) 78,000
Total overhead cost $194,000

V = Variable; F = Fixed; M = Mixed

The company wants to break down the maintenance cost into its basic variable and fixed cost elements.


a. Estimate the maintenance cost for June.

b. Use the high-low method to estimate the cost formula for maintenance cost.

c. Estimate the TOTAL overhead cost at an activity level of 55,000 machine hours. (Note that Part C is asking about total overhead cost and not just maintenance cost)

****** Carefully label each part of your answer.

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