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Mike Polanski's investment: calculate the PV of future salary, FV of savings

Mike Polanski is 30 years of age and his salary next year will be $40,000. Mike forecasts that his salary will increase at a steady rate of 5 percent per annum until his retirement at age 60.

a. If the discount rate is 8 percent, what is the PV of these future salary payments?
b. If Mike saves 5 percent of his salary each year and invests these savings at an interest rate of 8 percent, how much will he have saved by age 60?
c. If Mike plans to spend these savings in even amounts over the subsequent 20 years, how much can he spend each year?

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You will have to see the attached file for this one as the formulas I entered cannot be easily displayed here.


a. 760,379.21
b. 38,018.96
c. 38,965.78

Mike Polanski is 30 years of age and ...

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Mike Polanski's investment to calculate the PV of a future salary is discussed.