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Analyzing Capital Investments

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Visit the website of Johnson Controls Inc. located at http://www.johnsoncontrols.com, and review its 2012 financial forecasts.

According to the forecasts, Johnson Controls will increase capital investments to approximately $1.7 billion. More than 70% of the company's capital expenditures in 2012 are associated with growth and margin expansion opportunities.

1. Suggest a methodology to supplement the traditional methods for evaluating the capital investments of Johnson Controls int he emerging markets to reduce risk providing a rationals of how risk will be reduced.

2. Assess the potential impact of inflation on planned capital investments in CHina and examine approaches for an accurate evaluation of the investments. SUggest how this knowledge may impact management's decisions.

3. Contrast the modifications you would make in evaluating the projects to increase internal capacity in North America to evaluating expansion projects in the global market and how this information will impact the decisions made related to expansion.

4. Examine the benefits of using sensitivity analysis in evaluating the projects for Johnson Controls and how this approach can provide a competitive advantage for the company.

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The expert analyzes the capital investments. The methodology to supplement the traditional methods for evaluating the capital investments of Johnson Controls for emerging markets to reduce risk providing is determined.

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Kindly find attached tutorial having some ideas, references and content related to the capital ...

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