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    Public Policy Process in Texas

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    For the assignment, you are asked to prepare an essay that outlines a public policy process in Texas. Specifically, select a policy initiative focused on education, healthcare, or poverty, and prepare an essay that includes the following:
     Describe the causes of the policy.
     Describe the policy and the rationale being used to advance that policy.
     Explain the effect(s) of the proposed policy.
     Identify an example of an alternative or option that is (or could be considered).
     Identify and discuss the methods that will (or could) be used to measure the policy outcomes. Identify the measurement issues, if applicable.
     Discuss the possible impact the policy could have on the future of policymaking in your local government or state.
     be a minimum of 500 words

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    A policy initiative focused on education:
    The policy is 17_01 Proposed New 19 TAC §30.2003 by the Texas Education Agency. The policy is related to Commissioner of Education: Purchasing and Contracts. It seeks to improve auditing and monitoring performance for all contracts and includes improving assessment instruments.

    The causes of the policy:
    The cause of the policy is that each state agency is required to set up a procedure to identify each contract that requires enhanced contract or performance monitoring. This refers to identification of contracts whose compliance and performance needs more monitoring. These contracts also may be such that their progress warrants improved contract or performance monitoring.

    The rationale being used to advance the policy:
    The rationale for the policy is that Texas Government Code requires Texas Educational Agency to develop a method for auditing and monitoring performance under contracts for services to develop or administer assessment instruments ...

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