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Federal Government and Military

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Critique federal government or military's method(s) for granting pay raises. Describe the methods and make recommendations for improvement. Be realistic and consider if and how the difficult economy is impacting your employer.

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This answer offers cogent arguments relating to Federal Government and Military

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The federal pay increase in 2010 was at least 2.9 percent. In 2009, the pay schedule increased the pay by 3.9 percent since President Bush signed it into a law. In 2011 the civilian and military would get a 1.4 percent pay increase. This was included in President Osama's fiscal 2011 budget proposal. The military will receive a pay increase of 3.4 percent. The Office of Management and Budget Director claims that these increases are related to inflation rate. At the same time Congress received a cost of living pay raise of $4,700, increasing the Congressional minimum wage to $174,000 per year. These cost of living increases will continue for as long as the Congress exists.

Step 2
In addition to the pay increases, the Federal workers enjoy the best benefits available to employees. Even though each agency is allowed to tailor its own benefits package, an example of benefits package includes thrift savings plan, 13 days sick leave, 13/20/26 days of vacation leave each year, 10 days paid holiday, federal employees retirement system, social security, Medicare part A, Federal employees health benefits program, Federal Employees group life insurance, work life programs, family friendly leave flexibilities, relocation bonus, recruitment bonus, retention allowance, student loan repayment, employee development, child care subsidy, and long term care insurance programs.

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The ...

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