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Comprehension Annual Financial Report- government

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Identify key performance measures for government and not for profit organizations

Discuss other measures that may be beneficial.

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Comprehension annual financial reports for governments are examined.

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Key Performance Measures for the Government:

The use of statistical evidence in the determination of the progress that has been set by an organization is termed as performance measurement. Performance measures are very significant in the management processes of the government. This leads to the creation of new dimension to the decision making processes. The use of performance measures in the government field allows the policy makers, the management as well the people of the nation to analyze the efficiency of the government services. They are inclusive of the following measures: resource used which are also termed as the inputs, program activities also referred to as outputs, the ratio of inputs to the outputs known as the efficiency measures and the outcomes which are the actual results obtained from the programs and the services. To increase the levels of government accountability, the performance measures for the government are aimed at assisting generate ...

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