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The Dividend Discount Model

Given that dividend yields are at very low levels for US firms, what effect does that have on the applicability of the dividend discount model?

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The dividend discount model is a classic formula that explains the underlying value of a share, and it is a staple of the capital asset pricing model which, in turn, is the basis of corporate finance theory. According to the model, a share is worth the sum of all its prospective dividend payments, 'discounted back' to their net present value. As dividends are a form of cash flow to the investor, they are an important reflection of a company's value.

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Thus, the low dividend yields of US firms implies that the dividend discount model is very difficult to apply for such firms as the basic premises behind the use of such model to value a company is the prospect of future dividends to be paid by the firm to its shareholders.

However, one must note that dividend discount model ...

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