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Straight-line Depreciation/Sale & Replacement of Fixed Asset

Foster Glass Company purchased a fax machine on July 1, 2007 for $1,800. The fax machine had an estimated useful life of three years and a salvage value of $300. Assume Foster uses the straight-line depreciation method.

Foster decided to replace its fax machine with a bizhub on July 1, 2008, Eagle Outfitters offered to buy the used fax machine from Foster for $1,000 (proceeds received upon purchase)

Record on Foster's books the July 1, 2008 journal entry detailing the sale of the fax machine to Eagle.

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On July 1 2007 the Equipment account would have a debit balance of $1800 (equipment would have been debited and cash or another account credited.) On December 31 2007 the calculation for the depreciation would be for 6 months (July 1 2007 to December 31, 2007) as follows. Original cost $1800 minus $300 salvage value = $1500 divided by 3 years useful life ...

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1) How to calculate straight-line depreciation for a partial year.
2) How to record a journal entry to show the sale of an old fixed asset, the loss on disposal, and replacement with a new fixed asset.

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