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    General Ledgers: DAVE'S WILDLIFE RESORT

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    Dave's Wildlife Resort

    101 Cash 401 Sales

    111 Accounts Receivable 451 Sales Returns and Allowances

    231 Sales Tax Payable

    May 1. Sold Merchandise on credit; the transaction involved sales tax.
    2. Received checks from credit customers on account.
    3. Accepted a return on merchandise from credit customers; the original sale involved sales tax.

    4. Sold merchandise for cash; the transaction involved sales tax.
    5. Gave an allowance to a credit customer for damaged merchandise; the original sale involved sales tax.
    6. Provided a cash refund to a customer who returned merchandise; the original sale was me for cash and involved sales tax.

    Indicate the numbers on the general ledger account that would be debited and credited to record each transaction.

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