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    TV Guide SWOT Analysis

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    Please help with the following problem. Provide references as part of the solution.

    What are the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of the TV GUIDE?

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    TV Guide

    Problem: What are the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats of TV GUIDE?

    The profile for television listing guide customers includes the following geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors:

    United States
    Newsstands via various retailers
    Subscriptions delivered via direct mail
    Targeted consumer - 55 million television viewers
    119 editions
    Capital cities - 683,000
    Country areas - 220,000

    21 million television viewers

    Hard copy
    14.5 million subscribers

    67.9% have Internet access
    12.4% made online purchases in the past 30 days
    $53,579 is the median household ...

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    The following posting helps with a business and industry analysis. This is a SWOT Analysis for TV Guide. The strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats are provided in list form. Two references are included as part of the solution.