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Objective- Create a new product for an existing organization. The product chosen is a new cell phone similar to the Iphone provided by T-Mobile named the G1.
I need help with Part 1. Please create bullets or a SWOTT format while explaining the SWOTT for the organization T mobile and its new product the G1. I've completed part 2 in which can be referenced to complete part 1. The Product (G1) is to be innovative and profitable toward T-Mobile.

Part 1- SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities. Threats and Trends)

Part 2- A clearly outlined description of the new product or service.

T-Mobile offers the new G1 action phone designed to compete with Apple's iphone. The G1 will use a technology protocol called High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and will offer fast downloading of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMS) networks. Working together these systems will allow the user to talk and browse at the same time. Using G1 will allow the user to go global using the support of Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) and EDGE, a memory upgrade that has the potential to provide three times the capacity of GSM/GPRS networks. Along with a powerful capacity, the new T-Mobile G-1 will sport the following features:
 A cell phone that features ability for the user to scroll through selections using the touch of the finger. In addition, this feature allows email to be read in any order the user chooses. Contacts may be added from the user's computer, Maps and Short Message Service (SMS). Changing from one call to conference calling is easy by just tapping selections on the screen. A stereo headset with a hip-performance microphone and select as you go voice message retrieval are added features. Personal contacts and a feature that allows the user to access his or her company's global address list are included.
 Email is convenient and looks just like the email on the user's computer. Images and photos are seen nest to the test and attachments remain in their original format. This action phone allows the user to rotate, zoom and pan in on images including PDF, Microsoft Work, Excel, and PowerPoint. Email addresses are downloaded quickly, and the system has a built in dictionary prediction program. Email is sent to thee G1 automatically.
 The G1 web browser," Tangeria," is the fastest internet browser available on any phone service. Wi-Fi and 3-G make surfing the net fast and convenient. This browsing service hooks the user up to the fastest network available. Zoom features and a 'favorites' sites are available.
 Music and music videos are available with the touch of a finger. Zoom in features are especially sharp and clear both in sound and visual quality. The user browses through a library of art and tunes. Television and movies are also available to watch on the screen. It is easy to Sync the phone to the computer for downloading favorite material.
 Maps with GPS assists the user with getting directions, locating the position the user is in, seeing traffic, finding restaurants or conveniences while traveling and allows switching between views of Google map data and satellite images.
 Applications for software used in anything from playing games to business can be downloaded on T-Mobile G1. A feature of this device allows the user to browse categories, select applications and purchase them on the device.
 The calendar feature of the T-Mobile G-1 syncs with the users personal computer. Features include the ability to Sync with Microsoft Outlook, or Entourage on a Mac. A schedule conflict will flag and meeting agendas are displayed.
 YouTube application is a standard feature of T-Mobiles G-1. YouTube opens right from the Homepage and bookmark features are available. Finding videos with a keyword search and emailing favorites to the user's friends is done with the touch of a button.
 T-Mobile G-1 has a built in camera and photo application software. It is the easiest camera to use and works with PC or Mac computers for displaying images. Sending photos is done with a simple tap and photos are tagged with information about who, what and where they were taken. Zoom, rotate, dragging to reposition emailing to a friend or using the image as your screen cover are all features of G-1.
 Checking the stock market, getting the weather report and note-taking make the G-1 a must have for the business executive. Instant access to the NY Stock Exchange for the days rates or trading within your personal stock portfolio are options available the G-1 owner. Checking the weather in any place around the world within a week is available with a tap of the finger. In addition, for the person who cannot find a pen or forgot to bring a notepad to a meeting, do not worry, notes can be taken on the G-1 and downloaded to your PC when you get back to the office.
 The calculator on T-Mobile's G-1 is a scientific calculator that is easy to use and has full memory capabilities. This calculator is sophisticated with dozens of functions for solving complex scientific and advanced mathematical problems.


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1) Strong brand reputation and presence: T-Mobile is a well known global telecommunication brand with presence in multiple countries across the world and is quite well known among consumers.

2) Widespread penetration among mobile users via cellular business: The already existing customer base of T-Mobile provides a strong advantage to T-Mobile to roll out a new product among its current customers. G1 will have a ready target market in the form of existing T-Mobile subscribers.

3) G1 carries a host of new and innovative features that are unique to the model. Such features have the capability to position T-Mobile on the forefront of innovation, ahead of Apple and other players.


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Create a new product for an existing organization. The product chosen is a new cell phone similar to the Iphone provided by T-Mobile named the G1.