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    SWOT Analysis

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    Look at the following Web site: www.jpeterman.com/. Use a SWOT analysis to evaluate the business strategy.

    Your answer must contain:

    A. Relevant Content (List comments for each individual SWOT category)

    B. Organization

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    Strengths: The strengths of this company strategy involve their ability to provide very unique merchandise. Whether or not it really comes from around the world, there are items that are probably hard to find anywhere else. For example, their vintage collectibles and furniture provide materials that are originally from different parts of the country and for anyone who always wanted a dough bin, this would probably be one of the few places to go.

    As far as Internet sites go, their strategy is to provide easy access to item descriptions and provide an easy way for customers to be able to order. Here, a customer doesn't have to establish an account to order and can just provide the minimal addresses and payment information so that does take out the hassle associated with some sites that motivates customers to leave the site and look elsewhere.

    Weaknesses: The weaknesses of this company also involve the types of ...

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