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Internal Environmental

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Internal Environmental Assessment:

The objective is to identify amongst the various Grand Strategies and Generic Strategies those that best match the particular strengths and weaknesses in Law Enforcement considering important external environment trends and forces with the objective of creating a sustainable competitive advantage. This should include the following subcomponents:

a. Conduct an effective matched pair SWOT or Three Circle Analysis for the purpose of developing a theme that will produce a competitive advantage in your forecasted environment in your External Environmental Analysis.

b. Using additional analysis tools such as the value chain analysis, define how a competitive advantage is created by the factors you have identified in your matched pair SWOT or Three Circle Analysis.

b. Develop three to four strategic long-term objectives and meaningful metrics that can be used to determine the success of your choice of generic or grand strategies over time.

c. Explain how your objectives will affect the interests of your various stakeholders in the organization.

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