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    Important Information about SWOTT

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    Pilgrim Cleaners is a very well known and respected dry cleaning service provider. Learning Team C will be assisting Pilgrim Cleaners in introducing a new delivery service available to customers. Our goal is to identify the segmentation criteria that will impact the target market selection as well as identify the target market for the delivery service.
    Several questions came to mind when trying to decide who is the target market. Who already provides the bulk of sales, what stores generate the most revenue, as well as who will benefit the most for this service. We also looked at is there a need for the service. After careful examination the segmentation criteria for this new service was recognized as follows:

    • Age - 36 - 55
    • Gender - Males and females
    • Occupation - Business professionals, technical, and students

    • Social class - working class, middle class, and upper class.
    • Lifestyle - achievers and strivers.

    • Occasions - regular
    • Benefits - convenience, quality, speed, and service.
    • Loyalty - None, medium, user, and heavy user.

    Pilgrim Cleaners plans to localize the new service to fit the needs of local business professionals, technicians, and students. The company plans on targeting males and females of all ages but more heavily those from the age of 36 to 55.

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    To help you complete the SWOTT for Pilgrim Cleaners successfully, let's go over the acronym. First, though, let's look at a tentative outline, which might look something to the effect:

    SWOTTstands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends, a SWOTT analysis is used to determine where the dry cleaners stands both internally and in relation to its competitors. Strengths and weakness are the internal characteristics the dry cleaning business can improve upon, while opportunities and threats come from the market as a whole and must be considered in the decision making process. Trends are ideas that come out when discussing this topic should come from places like industry magazines, tradeshows, new products and the news.

    The Pilgrim cleaners is located... Pilgrim Cleaners is a very well known and respected dry cleaning service provider.

    Internal Environment
    Location. The Pilgrim Cleaners is located in the heart of the city, where the...
    Customer Lists. Pilgrim Cleaners have customer lists that extend...


    And so on...

    Let's look closer at information needed to fill in the outline:
    One effective way to gain insight into your organization's operations is through a SWOTT analysis, which examines your organizations. It might include the following:
    • Strengths, such as staff expertise, location, have customer lists and a successful track record e.g. history of Pilgrim's cleaner has been a family business with a high community reputation, management is committed and confident, direct delivery capability etc.
    • Weaknesses, such as location (can be strength as well as a weakness), lack of delivery system, some gaps in range for certain sectors, or inefficient processes.
    • Opportunities, such as grants, local competitors have poor services, ...

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    Beased on the scenario, this soltuion explains the SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends) analysis on the new product or service, which is adding delivery to a dry cleaning service. References are provided.