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    Costco's movement and lean processes

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    For Costco


    â?¢ History and background of the organization, also including the types of goods sold and industry in which the organization operates.
    â?¢ The organization's supply chain characteristics and type of supply chain, negotiations strategies, performance of the supply chain, and areas for improvement.
    â?¢ Approach to maintaining a competitive advantage, and if applicable the global business operations strategy.
    â?¢ The organizations' production processes, customer interaction in those processes, if applicable, and the technologies used in production.
    â?¢ The organization's commitment to quality and excellence and how that is measured and reported.
    â?¢ The organization's inventory methodologies and model(s), and any areas for improvement.
    â?¢ The organization's operational planning policies, job designs, and work environment issues, if any.
    â?¢ The organization's movements, if any, toward lean processes, and the effects of those lean processes on culture, efficiency, and success.

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    Approximately 3,000 words and 10 references.

    It gives the history, vision, SWOT Analysis in the form of a chart, it's buying methods, how it makes profit, Planning Policies, Job Designs, and Work Environment Issues, Movements Towards Lean Processes and the Effect on Culture, Efficiency, and Success APA format