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    Supply Chain Management-Hospital

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    Please use sources as I need citation for this paper. Please use APA format within the text so that the paper is referenced to the citation. Thanks.

    Your efforts with Midland Hospital have paid off! The corporation has hired SPI and your staff to provide supply chain management consulting services. (Please read the scenario doc attached). Your team has begun analyzing the existing processes, and you've been tasked with developing the purchasing policies and procedures, with focus on ethics in the supply chain.

    Remember: from a supply chain management perspective, a company produces services or products. Clearly, Midland Hospital produces a service. This means that sourcing analysis must consider the raw materials necessary for producing this service (e.g., bandages, needles, blood, and medical equipment).

    Using course materials and other resources, develop a paper for the hospital management consisting of the following sections:

    1. Discuss the importance of identifying the best suppliers by explaining the impact of source selection on supply chain performance.
    2. In conjunction with #1, discuss whether the hospital will insource or outsource its sourcing needs.
    3. Develop a high-level ethics policy for the purchasing department at Midland Hospital, identifying general responsibilities and prohibited behaviors.

    Please use sources as I need citation for this paper. Please use APA format within the text so that the paper is referenced to the citation. Thanks.

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    Student: Most of the information presented in the paper is based on my knowledge and understanding. The only source being used is mentioned in the APA style.

    Importance of identifying the best supplier:

    Identifying the right suppliers or impact of source selection is highly crucial in the supply chain management process due to its impact on various aspects such as cost/price of the inputs or raw materials necessary to produce goods/services. It is important from quality perspective as poor quality of material procured will result in rendering of poor goods or services. Further, regular or even occasional delays in supply of products will lead to delays in the whole supply chain management process and will hamper the productivity and delivery schedule of the organization.

    Therefore, it is imperative for the purchase department to ensure that right selection of suppliers is done by them. They should obtain all the necessary information about the suppliers with respect to their organization structure, ...

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    Supply Chain Management-Hospital