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Liability for purchasing and supply management

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Personal liability is a serious issue in purchasing and supply management. Provide details from the text or your personal experience where a supply officer or project manager has been held personally liable for conditions of a contract. Comment on how you will proceed in the future to avoid any personal liability for contracts if at all possible.

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The facility was looking for a new company to handle waste management. The contract with the current vendor was going to expire in 3 months and the Purchasing department was tasked with selecting a new vendor. The Purchasing Manager assigned the research process to a Purchasing Clerk and a Buyer. The Purchasing Clerk is an hourly teammate that handles a lot of the day to day purchasing activities and contacting vendors. The Buyer is a Supervisor within the Purchasing department. The reporting structure with the Purchasing department is as follows: the Purchasing Manager reports to the Purchasing Director. The Purchasing Manager has Buyers and Purchasing Clerks within the department beneath that role. The Buyers are Supervisors within the Purchasing Department and report to the Purchasing Manager. The Purchasing Clerks are front line teammates and report to the Buyer.

The Purchasing Clerk contacted seven waste management companies and requested a proposal from each company. The Purchasing Clerk gave each company a timeline of four weeks to ...

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The liability for purchasing and supply management are examined.