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SWOT Analysis of Automatic Hydraulic Jacks (AHJ)

Please see the attached document, then address the following.

SWOT Analysis Overview

The SWOT Analysis is written in bullet form, (not submitted in essay form).

The SWOT Analysis demonstrates a clear understanding of these specifics:
· STRENGTHS that you bring to the market and that make you a formidable competitor

· WEAKNESSES that you know that you need to address, as your competition is aware of these (or may become aware) and will likely exploit these. Your WEAKNESSES should be addressed as soon as possible

· OPPORTUNITIES that allow you to capitalize on your STRENGTHS. Where might you grow your business and revenues?

· THREATS in the macroenvironment. These include those aspects that you cannot control, but they are there - the economy, the competition, political/legal environment.


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In performing a SWOT analysis, the brand awareness is the primary objective for entering the targeted marketplace and sustaining the consumer interest long-term. By designing the SWOT analysis on the measure of accountability, the opportunity to bringing forth a synergy of resources honed on uplifting the strength of the product or service accordingly. Let's take a look at several related areas of interests related to the breakdown of a SWOT analysis:

- STRENGTHS that you bring to the market and that make you a formidable competitor

The Automatic Hydraulic Jacks (AHJ) is an impressive new product that is a part of the car for those interested in automatic lifting their car to thereby change out old tires with new ones. The research will foster a sense of needed a type of product technology, such as, AHJ, that will reduce time and costs. By far, the objective to thereby identifying strengths entails the beneficial aspects that most companies strive for within entering a new marketplace. Such as, the product in the car that warrants a flexible time on saving and abundance of monetary advancement for the owner both male and female. Try and think of the following strength positive based on the automobile industry:

a. Convenience (Aim in thinking how consumers prefer an easier process than other competitors)

b. Pricing (Aim in identifying how pricing affects the bottom-line at the company but as well as consumers prefer not spending as much, especially, a new product until ...

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