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Stakeholders in Opposition/External Environment

1) Please give an example of a business process where the interests of two (or more) stakeholders are in opposition.

2) Please share your ideas of why you think thorough evaluation of the external environment is important.

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1) A local collision repair facility has the opportunity to use waterborne technology (that is better for the environment because of less chemical release into the atmosphere) but refuses to do so because of the additional expense involved in switching to the newer technology. The principal, teachers, and parents of students at the nearby elementary school are putting pressure on the shop to switch by contacting local media outlets because they fear for their students' safety. The retailer that is supplying the shop with paint wants to sell the shop waterborne coatings because of the additional profit they can realize. The shop's primary customer, Acme ...

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The solution explains a situation where two or more stakeholders are in opposition and gives reasons why evaluation of the external environment is important.