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    Quantitative Analysis

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    1. Crosstabulation of responses from readers of newspaper comic strips produced the following frequency distirbution of age categories and favorite comic.
    Discuss what the frequency distribution reveals about the relation between age and favorite comic.

    (see chart in attached file)

    Multiple choice
    2. Ten policyholders file claims with CareFree Insurance. Three of these claims are fraudulent. Claims manager Earl Evans randomly selects three of the ten claims for thorough investigation. If x represents the number of fraudulent claims in Earl's sample, P(x=1) is _______________.
    A. 0.4410
    B. 0.3000
    C. 0.6957
    D. 0.5250

    3. Suppose a random sample of 36 is selected from a population with a standard deviation of 12. If the sample mean is 98, the 99% confidence interval to estimate the population mean is _______.

    A. 93.34 to 102.66
    B. 94.08 to 101.92
    C. 97.35 to 98.65
    D. 92.85 to 103.15

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