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Pert Chart

A project is characterized by activities A through F. The predecessor activities and the times required, and costs for both a regular and crash program for each activity are shown in the attached table.

a. Using only the time for the regular program activities, draw a PERT network for this problem. What is the critical path? How long will it take to complete the total project?

I believe the critical path is A, B, E and it will take 9 days to complete the project but I am not sure this is correct.

b. What is the cost of the project as given in a. (I believe the cost is $32,000)
c. Find the time-cost trade-off points that are possible. What is the minimum time in which the project can be completed? What is the cost of this program?


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I have used your chart to try to illustrate what you need. Sometimes there is a problem with trying to see the whole rather than the individual steps of the PERT. Evaluate it at each step, writing it out. Even experts write out each step.

Activity Predecessor Activities Time/Weeks
Regular Crash Cost (000's)
Reg. Cost ...

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An an example of critical path using Pert chart method.