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Investment opportunities for a Non-Profit Organization

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Please do this on a Non-Profit Organization that provides scholarships and support to non-traditional students, also provide references:

In capital budgeting, the financial manager identifies investment opportunities that are worth more to the company than they cost to acquire. For your company, what process do you use to evaluate capital investment decisions? What capital budgeting methods do you use (eg payback period, IRR, NPV)? Do you think these are appropriate methods for your company?

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For a non-profit organization, one that gives scholarships, the capital budgeting should have the same discipline as other organizations. That is, they should review how the purchase cost compares to the savings or future contributions expected as a result of the purchase.

For instance, let's say the organization is thinking about investing in a software program that better tracks contributions, acknowledges contributions ...

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Your discussion is 247 words and a references and mentions a potential investment for a non-profit that awards scholarships.

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