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How to deal with a legacy strategy

The president that you're reporting to is a holdover from before the acquisition. He has some vested interest in the previous strategy, such as it is. How would you handle the delicate situation of dealing with the president and his legacy strategy? Describe the role of corporate governance in strategic decision-making.

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The President, who is a holdover before the acquisition, has vested interests in the family oriented style of managing Able's business and thus, is expected to strongly resist the new policies and strategies. As we can assume, the key issues which leads to such interest in the traditional strategy is the "control" factor. The President wishes to stick to the legacy strategy as he feels that the new, modern approach towards managing Able will lead to loss of control and autonomy which has been exercised by the management of Able for years in the traditional family oriented style.

In order to overcome such resistance, the President needs to shown the "big picture" or longer term benefits of a new business strategy based ...