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    Able Corporation: Legacy Strategy

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    The president that you as an employee are reporting to is a holdover from before the company was acquired. He has some vested interest in the previous strategy, such as it is. How would you handle the delicate situation of dealing with the president and his legacy strategy?

    This in my opinion should be handled in a professional manner as the individual is your superior. However, the previous strategy which he has a vested interest is what assisted in leading the organization to its position within the marketplace and acquisition. So this would be somewhat of an area I would think of change management and professional leadership/communication skills connected with facts/figures from the new organizational strategy to assist in alerting him of the strategy from the new organization and how it will assist in the company's growth and prosperity within the market to once again become leader in their industry. However, I am just looking for guidance/assistance with this area. I think I have the basic fundamentals down just need assistance.

    Attached is the scenario for reference.

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    In order to bring the desired change in the organization and effectively communicate the new business strategies and incorporate changes with minimal resistance from the employees, here are few suggestions:

    Able has traditionally been a family owned organization with no formal structure, procedures, evaluation methodoligies, reporting mechanisms and other modern human resource practices. The challenge for Walden after the acquisition is to bring about the necessary and desired changes in the employees and managers of the orgnization in order to make them more productive, efficient and compliant to modern day practices geared at achieving maximum productivity, synergy and efficiency in the organization. Since the president has been following the old strategies which has become relatively inefficient and obsolete, it is necessary that the benefits of the requisite changes in terms of all the stakeholders of the organization should be communicated to him in order to bring about the changes on a company wide scale.

    Walden has to remove the pessimism and fear prevaling among the old employees who fear loss of job due to the acquisition and new management policies. It is a crucial objective in front of the new management to not only retain the old employees due to their experience and expertise, but also bring about the requisite changes with respect to the modern day policies and strategy of the new management. In order to achieve all other corporate level goals, it is ...

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    Able Corporation: Legacy Strategy