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    Flower Foods and Steinway Piano Strategies

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    Watch the above video.
    What competitive strategy is Flower Foods pursuing? and
    What 4 things do Flower Foods do to ensure highest quality and competitive price in their final product?


    Watch the above video. What strategy is Steinway Piano pursuing? What 3 things do Steinway Pianos do to ensure quality in their final product?

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    1) Flowers Foods:

    Flowers Foods has strategically has set up Newton Bakery for making buns & breads which is used for other Flowers services and also sold to customers.

    Flowers foods is able to provide high quality products at competitive prices because:
    1) Automating the whole product line starting from raw material mixing to packing the item.
    2) The strategic ...

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    The answer analyses the business and their strategies to understand how the business is deriving high value.